Virtual Consultation

Is a virtual consultation right for you?

A virtual consultation is available to you, if:

  • You have an upcoming in-person consultation with Dr Meybodi, and you would rather send your medical background information, medical images, and biopsies to be reviewed before your appointment. You may also receive information about your condition to read/watch and prepare yourself for the face-to-face consultation.
  • You're unsure of attending the clinic in-person and would like to know more about your condition before making a booking. You can upload your photos for assessment; Dr Meybodi will review your clinical history and photos and inform you about the next step. This is particularly helpful for patients who live outside Sydney, who want to make sure we can help with their condition before proceeding with an in-person booking.

How long does it take to receive a response from the clinic?

We will respond with details of a virtual consultation within 2-3 working days.

What do I need to start the virtual consultation?

Beside your personal information, you need to know your Medicare card and private insurance detail (if applicable).

How much does it cost to have a virtual consultation?

A virtual consultation is free of charge.