To provide the best care for his patients, Dr Meybodi works in a team of all dedicated professionals, including breast care nurses and other specialists. All cancer patients are discussed at Multidisciplinary Team meetings held either at Lakeside Specialist Breast Clinic or the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute and will be provided with the best possible treatment plan.

These are the highly experienced professionals Dr Meybodi works most closely with; however, patients may be referred to other specialists/caregivers in any particular field if they wish to.

Other breast oncoplastic surgeons

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder

A/Prof James French

A/Prof Jeremy Hsu


Medical oncologists

A/Prof Nicholas Wilcken

Dr Phuong Dinh

Radiation oncologists

Prof John Boyages

A/Prof Verity Ahern

A/Prof  Tim Wang


Westmead Private Hospital and Sydney Adventist Hospital:

Dr Solmz Bezyan       Email:


Lakeview Private Hospital:   

Dr Manu Ayer     Email:


Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jemma Gilchrist

Occupational therapist

(Lymphoedema treatment and prevention/ postoperative rehabilitation)

Louise Koelmeyer

Brenda Guitterez

Familial Cancer Services - clinical genetics

A/Prof Judy Kirk

Dr Christina Girgis