Pilonidal Sinus Disease

We understand how pilonidal disease can impact young individuals and affect their lifestyle and self-esteem, even leading to absences from work or study. Our aim is to help you overcome these challenges and regain control of your life.

A/Prof Meybodi believes in a practical approach, educating patients to understand the role of genetics and lifestyle in their health problems. With time, effort, and preparation, patients are better equipped for a successful outcome.

Prof Meybodi’s surgical approach involves removing the disease through surgery while creating a healthy flap to cover the defect. Unlike the open approach, which leaves patients with open wounds for weeks and significantly affects their lifestyle, the immediate closure and flap ensures a smoother recovery process.

Our goal is not only to provide short-term pain relief but also to facilitate long-term positive shifts in lifestyle. By addressing the root causes and making necessary changes, patients can lead healthier, happier lives moving forward. The treatment of pilonidal disease extends beyond the physical aspect and encompasses holistic well-being.